Animal Communication

What is it?


The ability to communicate telepathically with animals through an exchange of visual images, words, thoughts, and feelings through a heightened intuition.


How does it work?

Thoughts are energy and animals are very adept at picking up on our energy as a form of communication.  They don’t rely on words to communicate but a transmission of energy that is exchanged in the form of visuals, that translate into known messages. 


Is everyone able to communicate like this?

Yes! People do this all the time without even knowing they are doing it. For instance, have you noticed that your dog knows to meet you at the door for a walk before you’ve even picked up the leash? They read your energy all the time knowing that you’re thinking about a walk, or a treat. 


What kind of animals do you communicate with?

All animals communicate telepathically and depend on this sense as a survival mechanism. Humans also have this sense, but because we have largely relied upon language we have forgotten how to tap into this sense. It is possible to communicate with any animal that walks this earth, however small, domestic or wild they are.