Holistic Animal 

What is it?


Holistic Animal to Heather means seeing the whole animal in body, mind and spirit and taking the most natural approach as possible to their overall wellness. Looking at health and wellness from the "big picture" views each animal as an individual and looks for the best protocols to keep them mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. 


What are some ways to achieve this?

Nutrition plays a very big part in achieving holistic wholeness in both humans and animals. We know how we feel when we eat well and when we don't. A well balanced diet that is as natural as can be that both the animal thrives on and one that you as the animals companion can manage is ideal. Other examples that play roles in the holistic wholeness of animals are socialization, bodywork, supplements, training, daily exercise, proper vet care and so much more. 


What about medication, is that holistic?

Holistic to Heather means whatever makes that animal thrive on a whole to be the best that they can be, so yes medications is apart of the holistic approach when needed. Finding a holistic veterinarian for proper health care of  the animal is ideal. 


Is there one protocol thats best for all animals?

Just like humans, animals are individual beings on this planet and one thing that works for one won't be right for another. Finding out what makes your animal companion thrive through animal communication and using homeopathy and reiki is a joy for Heather to discover with you.