What is it?


Reiki is a universal healing energy that simply exists in the Universe. Reiki Practitioners transmit this healing energy through their bodies acting as a conduit for the recipient activating the recipient's natural healing processes. This powerful form of energy healing can benefit people, animals and anything in need of healing or prayer.


Whom does Reiki help?

Reiki offers great healing benefits for animals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive, but also very powerful. Reiki is safe and works in accordance with all other healing modalities. 


Do you have to be in physical contact with the animal while giving Reiki?

No. Since Reiki is a healing energy process it can easily, and effectively be given to the animal from anywhere. For example, your pet can remain in the comfort of their home while greatly benefiting from the Reiki being sent from the practitioner’s office.


Is Reiki safe?

Yes! Reiki will not cause harm, nor does the animal receive more energy than they are open to receive. Because Reiki is a very intelligent healing modality it works with the recipient in ways that are intuitive. For instance, what could appear to us as physical pain may very well address the pain from a spiritual level, adapting to what the animal needs. It is not for us to decide as the Reiki knows where to send the energy.