Bach Flower Essences can be thought of as little drops of magic.

These drops may be little, but there is great healing power in them. Used for different mental-emotional and physical imbalances flower essences bring the mind, body and soul back into equilibrium. Have a look below at the formulas I have developed to see if they resonate with you. If you don't find what you are looking for and in search for something a bit more personalized, reach out to me for a Bach Flower session for a formula made with just you in mind. 

Each bottle should last you 4 weeks and usually this is enough time to feel a shift and come into your expected results.  Sometimes it's important to be on a specific formula for 2-3 months, other times you'll be ready for a change in formula when your bottle is complete. 

Hummingbird Totem

Joy Blend

Depression blend

Elm -For feelings of overwhelm, despair about ones ability to fulfill responsibilities and expectations 

  • Brings confidence, capability and can perform at your best, bringing a good feeling


Hornbeam- For fatigue, listlessness, and lethargy of body and mind. Lack of interest and mild depression. Feeling overwhelmed

  • Lively mind and able to balance variety and routine, look forward to everyday work and goals, inner pep and happiness


Gentian- For doubt and discouragement, a lack of faith. 

  • Gives certainty and trust, increases optimism


Gorse- For feelings of hopelessness and expectations of the worse.

  • Gives hope and encouragement, assurance and light -filled optimism 


Holly- For promoting an open heart.

  • Compassion and generosity and openness to love


Impatiens- When the mind  is tense and in a wound up state.

  • Taking the time to experience the joy of life, experience joy at an enjoyable race. 


Mustard- Useful essence for sadness, gloom, and melancholy. 

  • Find inner joy and light, turns grey sky into blue


Sweet Chestnut -For when experiencing sadness, anguish or dark night of the soul

  • Brings deep courage, faith and trust and happiness

Hawk Totem

Focus Blend

Focus blend


Chestnut Bud-The learning flower. Failure to learn from experiences, repeating same mistakes, poor observations

  • Learning the lessons of life experiences. Mentally adept and enjoy learning. Interested in learning more and making the time and peace to do so. 


Clematis-Daydreaming rather than in present. 

  • Concentration, put things into action and accomplish them. Awoke, focus, present.


Gentian-Discouragement after a set-back

  • Perseverance, confidence, faith to continue despite apparent setbacks



Honeysuckle-Dwelling in the past not the present. 

  • Focus, being fully present and the now reality



Walnut-Inconsistent, easily influenced, uncertain. Having problems staying true to oneself. 

  • Focus on life’s goals instead of what society expects of us


White Chestnut-The thought flower. 

  • Concentrate well, working constructively with your mental abilities. Align yourself with your inner guidance


Wild Oat-Always looking for something new because you don’t know your purpose in life. Not fully motivated. Ambitious to do something but don’t know what it is.

  • Clarity in life direction and vocation, committed to a life goal. Allows one to go deeper into oneself and focus on goals. 

Rabbit Totem- Renewal Blend

Manifesting Blend

Abundance blend


example… Take this when you are serious about saying your affirmations….



Give without expecting



From doubt to trust. Things happen in due, divine time. New attempts at confidence, unshakable faith, solutions to all problems



The hope flower. Never gives up hope and is convinced that everything will turn out right in the end. Recognize positive opportunities in difficult situations



Lively mind power and look forward to your working on your goals and your desires


Believe in your ability to realize important personal goals and go get them



Know you are worthy and stop self-sabotage. Self-respect and self-love will get you to your goals



Focus and concentration, eye on the prize with no wavering


Wild Oat

Find your vision and come up with appropriate ways to get it and live it. Know your inner callings and follow them.


Butterfly Totem-Hope Blend

Self-Esteem, break habit/addictions Blend



Hide troubles behind a mask, hide inner worries and anxieties behind a brave face. Avoid arguments, confrontation or disharmony. Dislike being alone. Distracted with inner cares and worries and this can build up. Resentment and guilt. Low self-esteem

  • Experience harmony and inner peace and genuine feelings of inner joy. True optimist.promotes honesty and natural behavior allowing on to feel self assured in their own skin


Cherry Plum

Fearful to lost control of body, mind or emotions. always on the verge to giving into cravings or unwanted emotions.

  • Restores Inner peace, removes fear of losing control and restores control over mind and emotions helping to achieve the goals you set out for


Chestnut bud

  • Breaking repetitive patterns of addiction or strong habits which encourage addictive behavior . Learn the lesson of what you are trying to break free from. Failure to learn from experience, repeating mistakes

  • Learning the lessons of life. Break free of repetitive and habitutal patterns


Crab Apple

The cleanser. Feelings of uncleanliness, self-disgust and self-loathing. Ashamed of problems and low self-esteem. Obsessed with imperfections. Cravings.

  • Restores self-respect, a sense of inner purity, cleansing emotionally and physically and spiritually. Helps reduce cravings.



Over-talker, self-absorbed, over-concerned with ones own problems. Difficult to listen to others. Own thoughts are centered on personal problems. Deeply lonely and in pain but seek contact with others in a dysfunctional manner. Craving for attention and sympathy.

  • Know your inner guidance cares for you and in turn develop deeper self-esteem, know you’ll receive anything necessary for your personal development. Become self-fulfilled rather than self-absorbed



Lack of confidence, expectation of failure. Problems of self-worth, feelings of inferiority. Shyness and timidity

  • Self-confidence! Feeling of security from within . Belief in your ability to realize important personal goals and have the confidence to go for them.


Star of Bethlehem

Any type of trauma or shock, recent or past. Sadness, introversion, need for comfort and reassurance from the spiritual world

  • Neutralizes shock, connects one back to spirit. Gives comfort. Brings soothing, healing qualities, a sense of inner divinity



Owl Totem-Intuition Blend

Intuition, meditation blend



The psychic flower. Intuitive, psychic or spirit endeavors may put one into an aspen state.

  • Conscious perception, enter into subtle planes of consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of complex phenomena. Fearlessness and confident. Trust and confidence to meet the unknown. Draw inner strength from the spiritual world. faith when facing the unknown



The intuition flower.

Uncertainty or doubting oneself, invalidating what one knows.

  • Trust ones inner knowing, intuition, self-confidence and accept your inner guidance.



Too much in the daydream of life, not wanting to begin reality, escapism. Not fully present in their bodies

  • Grounds one to the present moment and build confidence that they can go to those other worlds when needed and come back to reality.



Self confidence flower. One feels incapable or unsuccessful. Anticipates failure and can give up easily.

  • Believe in your abilities and have reasonable expectations. Gives confidence that you can do it.



Mind is tense, wound up, speeding of mind. Agitated and restless.

  • Experience patience and gentleness and can wait for things to take their natural course. Allows one to Let it Happen on due time.




Hesitation, indecision, confusion, deciding between two choices and not knowing what to decide

  • Decisiveness, inner resolve, acting from inner knowing.



Star of Bethlehem

Need for comfort or reassurance from the spiritual world

  • Assists with reconnecting with Higher Self and receiving information through intuitive channels. Sense of inner divinity. A psychic and spiritual adjustment, acting as a catalyst for inner knowing.



White Chestnut

Preoccupied with worrisome, returning thoughts fueled by anxiety, helplessness and despair. Obsessiveness and unable to shake off disturbing worries or anxieties.

  • Gain impressive mental capacities and use them clearly and constructively. able to calm your thoughts because now you are aligned with your inner guidance

Racoon Totem- Adaptability Blend

Thrive in challenging times blend



Mind narrowed in perception, judgment, and tolerance. Mistakes of others are readily apparent to you . Arrogance and superiority. Ego raises itself above others. Feel the right assume critical judgement of others. Bitchy.

  • Promotes tolerance and soothes irritability, rather than being critical of others now can be accepting. Show understanding.



Hatred , revengeful, jealousy, anger, feeling cut off from the world and others

  • Feel love and extend love to others. Universal compassion and an open heart. Restores the souls ability to feel unity and wholeness , compassion and generosity seeing others as a part of the human family


Rock Water

Flexibility fower- although it is actually from a sacred, underground spring.

Rigid attitudes towards life, thoughts can crystalize into hardened dogma. Inability to enjoy life. Overly restrictive and mechanical.

  • Inner flexibility, spontaneity, following spirit rather than the law. Hold high ideals but let go of theories and principles if new ideas and truths may be presented. Rely on inner guidance. From more mineral like to plant realm and flowering qualities.



for anger with others, domineering and ambitious. Being a bully. Haughtiness and ego-centeredness. Condescension against others, anger, impatience.. passive/aggressive personality. Goal-oriented attitude , convinced of ones leadership and assumes control. ruthlessness.

  • Tolerance for the individuality of others, pay attention to the needs of others. Accept the rights of others. help others to help themselves. Be the wise, understanding leader.



Annoyed by injustices. Intense and overly focused. Enthusiastic about an idea and want others to get involved. Want to convert others and drown them with your energy but end up turning them away. Superiority complex. Inability to recognize the belief of others.

  • Tolerance, moderation and balance. Stop imposing own ideas on others. Treats stress related, missionary overzealousness.




Overly influenced by the beliefs and values of family or community, social conventions, strong personalities or from past experiences.

  • Freedom from limiting influences, makiing healthy transitions in life, course to follow ones own path and destiny, dispels any enchantment, illusion or spell which may bind the soul to the past or world. Life transitions.



Feels the victim or the situation is unfair, that life is unfair. Feels resentful, inflexible, bitter.

  • Accepting, forgiveness, take responsibly for ones lifes situation, flows with life, forgive the errors of others, overcoming tendency to bitterness, resentment or blame


Wild Oat

Confusion and indecision about life direction, trying many things but continually dissatisfied, lack of commitment and focus. Self-alienation, crisis related to new beginnings, discontent and frustration with daily life. Depression caused by a lack of purpose in life.

  • Essence for clarity and self-realization. Opens our eyes to what we spiritually need as on ongoing learning process. Clarity and decisiveness and allows for us to find our calling, help us chose career, partner, makes new beginning in life. Fights depression from lack of inner purpose in life


Bear Totem-Confidence Blend

Confidence blend



Used for the basic treatment of fears and phobias, unexplained or general anxiety, panic, and unexplained fears. Fear of the future, fearful worries, strange feelings.

  • Aspen is the essence of courage. Promotes fearlessness and confidence. Awareness of your sensitivities and how to use them well. Will promote trust in the process of tuning in with the higher levels of consciousness that will tap into the higher self and trust that the information is based in divine law.



Used for the treatment of undeveloped self-confidence, insecurity, lack of independence, lack of instinct. Treats all pathological conditions related to insecurity, helplessness, and lack of self-confidence and feelings of inferiority.

  • Treats insecurity. Improves relationship with our inner voice. Builds confidence to trust our own opinion so that you can do what you truly want. Mental and emotional independence and will look inwardly to solve e problems rather than towards other people.



Overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities and feel unequal to the task required. Fear of failure, acute feelings of stress and overwork. Work-related stress, impending breakdown, acute illness. From self-worth crisis to inner confidence.

  • Faith and confidence to complete the task. Confident, capable and responsible. Know how much to take on and when to delegate.



For lack of self-confidence and self-worth, can help with shyness or timidity. Anticipates failure and feels can’t measure up to the challenges of life. May avoid new opportunities for growth and compares oneself with others. suppresses these feelings within.

  • Feels empowered to rise to challenges. The essence for self-confidence. Promotes feelings of security that arises within and not dependent on the approval of others. Develop own personal measures of success. Believe in yourself.



Known fears that the mind knows exactly what is feared and dreaded. Anticipatory fears, phobias of chronic nature, ptsd from fearful experiences. Fears of people, events, hurdles, flying etc. Shyness and nervousness.

  • Reduces fears and anxieties. Makes us more courageous. Bravely goes for the next task or challenge. Grow beyond your anxieties, develop personal courage.



Feelings of unworthiness based upon guilt. Obsessed with guilt and self-reproach. Sense of failure, shame and self-blame. Failure to forgive oneself.

  • Know you are worthy of being loved just like everybody else. Diminishes a bad conscious and guilt conscious. Promotes self-affirmation, responsibility to ourselves and mental independence. From self-negation to self-respect. The self-acceptance flower



Inner uncertainty, indecisiveness, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Difficulty making decisions.

  • Inner resolve, acting from the certainty of inner knowing. Decision making with contentment of the decision made. Clarity of purpose.




Any anxieties


Lack of confidence, lack of initiative

Known fears and unknown fears


Doubt, pessimism

Guilt and shame

Inner uncertainty and indesciveness

Badger Totem -Endurance Blend

Goal oriented blend



Treats weak willed individuals, personalities, lack self-assertiveness. Treats shyness, excessive cheerfulness and willingness to accommodate others needs. The empathic being who can sense if others are happy and feels that their happiness is dependent on others well-bing they always try to make others happy and thus allowing oneself to be used. Lack self-assertiveness.

  • Strengthens will and personality and learns to take care of self first to be the best they can be in their world



Treats stress and over-work, illness, work-related stress, has a great feeling of responsibility and the need for achievement with a tendency to push oneself past ones limits, reserves become exhausted and break down occurs and can no longer continue. Can’t bear the stress they have piled on themselves. Can result in illness or collapse. Not enough stamina to to accomplish ones needs. Temporarily exhausted, doubts oneself.

  • Confidence, capable and responsible. Know how much you can do and when to delegate or take a break



Is for a weak will and tendency to be easily discouraged, lack of endurance, tendency towards relapse of emotional or physical healing process, depression caused by failure and difficulties, giving up too soon, pessimism.

  • Strengthens will, resolve and endurance and helps instill an optimistic attitude and knowing that everything will work out!



Fear of failure, chronic feeling of being overwhelmed, feeling overworked, frustration, lack of interest in work, weakness, illness. Monday Blues. Feels like everyday tasks are too difficult.

  • Healthy desire to achieve, restores enthusiasm, self-confidence, positive attitude. Wakes up your mental mind and master tasks in your day without fearing you’ll get exhausted



Mind in a tense wound up state. work and move fast and won’t stop, speeding of mind, agitation, restlessness, feeling overwhelmed.

  • Patince, initiate new ideas and keep things rolling, alert , quick thinking and independent develop own rhythm and success when need to live under pressure of constant deadlines



Feels incapable of success. Anticipates failures and feels they can’t measure up. Avoids new opportunities for growth. Compares oneself to others. Can feel sadness, regret, despondency, dispair, feels suppressed within, inferior, shyness, fair of failure and lack of strength. Loneliness from others.

  • Believe in ability to realize goals. Gives confidence, seizes opportunities and success. Self-confidence. Security within.



Exhaustion, fatigue, no energy or motivation. wiped out.

  • Strength, vitality, energy, accomplish tasks








Tired, drained

lack of strength from an illness.

In the process of overcoming an illness

Setting and achieving goals and not stopping from discouragement

Acheives goals- social, athletic, spiritual, work related

Horse Totem-Courage Blend

Anxiety blend



Courageously facing the unknown, confronting hidden fears



Trust yourself and inner guidance and stand by your decisions.



Confidence in ones creativity, overcoming doubt on ones ability



Ability to face the challenges of daily life, especially everyday fears and worries



Courage to confront darkness, to go through depression


Rock Rose

Self-transcending courage, especially in terrifying situations


Star of Bethlehem

Restorative remedy with soothing qualities for any traumas in your life that have led to insecurities or fear.