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"Heather did an amazing job connecting with our one deceased and two
living cats.  She was able to read their personalities and identify their
preferences exactly, including favorite treats, toys, and places to perch! 
She was also able to confirm a known health issue in our deceased cat
and let us know how she has been doing.  We had some specific

questions for each of our pets, and Heather was able to tell us everything
we needed to know.  One of our cats likes to randomly bite, and after
Heather connected with him, his biting has improved!  My husband and I
were so impressed with her gift.  We highly recommend her and plan on
contacting Heather again to check in with our cats in the future." 


Warm regards,

Dog vomited up palm seed in just the right time to miss from getting stuck in the intestinal track and avoided surgery due to a homeopathic medicine.
Dog bit by rattlesnake healed much faster to vets amazement with the help of homeopathy.

Owner found cat after being gone for a week up the road exactly where I told her she was. Bird asks for a birdbath and this changes her aggressive behavior towards other birds.Kitty works on not biting after telling her it really hurt her mom and dads hands.

Reiki energy helped vomiting dog regain strength and stop vomiting. Reiki energy helped a nervous dog overcome anxiety.

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