Flower Essence 2oz Bottle Custom $50

Consultation over phone or through email, your choice. Pinpointing key symptoms, emotional or physical or both that you would like help working through and clearing. I will put together a personalized, custom-made tincture formula just for you or your companion animal. Take over a 3-4 week period or longer depending on condition. 


Homeopathic Remedy 2oz Bottle Custom $50

Consultation over phone or through email, your choice. This consultation is made for acute, mental-emotional and/or physical symptoms you or your companion animal are experiencing and desire help clearing with them using homeopathy. 



Animal Communication Session $65

Includes any questions, body scan of your companion, and supplement/nutrition recommendations if needed

 During the session I will connect with your companion animal and ask any questions you may have, perform an energetic body scan, find out how they feel about their diet and note any changes that would be helpful for them at this time. As well as recommend any nutritional supplements or homeopathic remedies to add to their system for their well-being.

How I work:

First I like to talk briefly with you over the phone so I can get a little information about your animal, the situation, what your questions are and who all live in the household. We will set up an appointment for a later date for a session. 

I will communicate remotely with your companion animal using a photograph and note down everything I receive. Then you and I  will go over my findings over the telephone at our appointed time. If you have any other questions I will ask your animal companion at this time or get back to you what their answers are after I revisit with them after our phone conversation.  I do not record these sessions, but you are free to on your end. 


Add-Ons to Communication Session:

Homeopathic Remedy Add-On $25

Flower Essence Tincture Add-On $25 

Reiki Add-On (20 minutes)  $20


Animal Communication Follow Up $35

Up to 3 weeks after initial consult 


Reiki session remote $30

Package of 3 $70

I will send 30 minutes of reiki remotely to your companion animal all while they enjoy the comfort of their own home. After session I will send a report through email or phone of any findings or recommendations noted. 

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