Meet Your Pack Leader

Meet Heather, the pack leader.

My training as a veterinary technician in allopathic medicine married with my homeopathic and natural medicine training, as well as my spiritual upbringing and my experience with my own health challenges makes me a very balanced animal communicator because I can see things from a lot of different angles.

Heather was born into a family that put consciousness first. Growing up in Encinitas, California (the Yoga capital of America) meditation, vegetarianism, reincarnation, angels, guides and listening to your own intuition was just a part of her hippie families every day culture. Her father is a practicing chiropractor since 1976, with an innate wisdom of the human body, as well as being an early pioneer of animal chiropractic care. With such an early awareness of health, and a heightened sense of intuition from her earliest memories, Heather was encouraged to listen to that voice and follow its guidance.


Heather’s love, and connection with animals was evident from the time she was a very small child, surrounded by every pet imaginable. As close as she was to her animals, and with a deep desire to understand what they were thinking and needing from her, this ability to communicate with them just didn’t seem to be there. Unlike other animal communicators, and psychics who seem be born with it, it didn’t come as natural for Heather early on. As her love of animals only grew stronger – blessed to have a horse of her own to trail ride for hours and hours – her earliest jobs were as a Veterinary Assistant. Eventually enrolled in Veterinary Technician School in her mid-twenties, proudly graduating with honors at the top of her class.


Shortly after graduating Heather married, and welcomed her daughter, Rain and soon after her son, Laird. As a result of her love for her children and only wanting to be the most conscious parent, Heather began to pursue an education in Homeopathy as her intuitive guidance felt traditional medicines (unless seriously warranted) were not the path to greater health and wellness for herself and her family. That being said, having had her kids so close together (20 months apart) took a serious toll on Heather’s own health. Having always had a very strong constitution, physically strong and athletic, Heather began to struggle. Feeling tired, with swollen lymph nodes around her ears and neck, lacking the energy she always appreciated, she thought it was a passing phase of early motherhood.  At this same time, both her husband’s family, as well as her own, experienced unexpected emotional turmoil. Going from family ties grounded in support and connection, they found themselves on an island of their own, both literally and figuratively. Uprooting their small family and moving to Maui to retreat and gather new perspectives, searching for peace and fresh starts. What Heather didn’t know at the time is her real journey - into herself and her calling – was only just beginning. 


Heather’s health continued to deteriorate, with less energy, larger lymph nodes, more pain, and a debilitating condition that had her spinning at all times, including her arms and even her eyes. Heather began to see one specialist after another, and all the tests from brain and body scans, blood tests, lab work, only to come up short with no diagnosis. Her life was on hold. Until one day when a friend recommended a new Homeopath and her body, and life began to heal. She eventually discovered she had been plagued with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hashimoto's, and the Epstein Barr virus, wreaking havoc on her nervous system for years, with life-altering symptoms.


The blessing and beauty to come from Heather’s ten-year health battle is that her sensitivities were heightened. Her intuition reignited with her spirit animals by her side, guiding her next steps full circle back to her roots of animal communication and psychic healing abilities. Being told by a psychic friend that becoming ill was pertinent for her to reconnect with, and trust her guides, led Heather to complete her Homeopathic training, become a certified 

Reiki practitioner, as well as, Animal Reiki from Kathleen Prasad of Let Animals Lead.


What Heather is most grateful for is from the ashes she was able to rise to her destiny. Fulfilling her earliest callings to be of service to animals. With new portals of energy flowing to, and through her, she was led to her mentor, teacher, and world-renowned animal communicator, Karen Anderson. Heather looks forward to working with you and your most precious animal friends. She is confident in her ability to communicate with your treasured animals, understanding their struggles, so they too can feel whole and healthy again guiding you with unconditional love.

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