Meet Your Pack Leader

Meet Heather, the pack leader.

My training as a veterinary technician in allopathic medicine married with my homeopathic and natural medicine training, as well as my spiritual upbringing and my experience with my own health challenges makes me a very balanced animal communicator because I can see things from a lot of different angles.

Heather was born into a family that put consciousness first. Growing up in Encinitas, California (the Yoga capital of America) meditation, vegetarianism, reincarnation, angels, guides and listening to your own intuition was just a part of her hippie families every day culture. Her father is a practicing chiropractor since 1976, with an innate wisdom of the human body, as well as being an early pioneer of animal chiropractic care. With such an early awareness of health, and a heightened sense of intuition from her earliest memories, Heather was encouraged to listen to that voice and follow its guidance.


Heather’s love, and connection with animals was evident from the time she was a very small child, surrounded by every pet imaginable. As close as she was to her animals, and with a deep desire to understand what they were thinking and needing from her, this ability to communicate with them just didn’t seem to be there. Unlike other animal communicators, and psychics who seem be born with it, it didn’t come as natural for Heather early on. As her love of animals only grew stronger – blessed to have a horse of her own to trail ride for hours and hours – her earliest jobs were as a Veterinary Assistant. Eventually enrolled in Veterinary Technician School in her mid-twenties, proudly graduating with honors at the top of her class.

 Using her sixth sense and intuitive nature in all of her interactions with animals, it wasn't until she experienced her own health issues that really set her intuition in high gear. This challenging time lead her to learn many different healing modalities and steered her in the direction of taking an animal communication course lead by world renown communicator Karen Anderson. And with that, she never looked back. Studying under Karen and practice, practice, practice, Heather found herself living her dream.. as an animal communicator. 

Heather is happy your here! If you would like to know more about Heather please reach out and she'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Until then, thanks for visiting and happy tails and trails! 



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