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Your pet’s health is important. Heather’s services work with your animal’s body that is intuitively right for them.

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A Howling Good Time

What is animal communication?

The ability to communicate telepathically with animals through an exchange of visual images, words, thoughts, and feelings through a heightened intuition. 

What is


 Homeopathy is a holistic and natural system of medicine that has been around for more than 200 years.

 What is Reiki?

Reiki is a universal healing energy that simply exists in the Universe. Reiki Practitioners transmit this healing energy through their bodies acting as a conduit for the recipient activating the recipients natural healing processes.

Why Nutrition?

Your animal's diet is critical to their healing process. Heather will suggest dietary changes based on the information she receives.

Why Choose Howling Wolf Healing?

Heal Pain Fast
Heal Pain Fast

Your animals will heal faster with Heather's healing help.

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Experienced Healer
Experienced Healer

Heather has been working with animals for over 20 years.

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Alternative Methods
Alternative Methods

Heather thinks outside the box to holistically heal your pet.

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Listens with Love
Listens with Love

Communicating with your animals gives you the advantage to listen to their needs.

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If other modalities aren't working,

it's time to look deeper. 

Howling Reviews

What are they howl'n about? 

Heather helped me with my young, female parakeet, Uma, who was continually chasing and crash-landing on my male cockatiel (“RB”).  RB was stressed out by Uma’s aggressive behavior, so I asked Heather to speak to Uma and ask her to be aware of the stress she was causing.  Heather spoke twice with Uma, and I am very pleased with the results.  Uma continues to chase RB but less aggressively.  Uma is aware that she should not behave this way and is now responsive when I ask her to stop chasing him.  Uma in fact will stop, where before, she would totally ignore my attempts to communicate with her.  In other words, Uma is much more attuned to communicating with me, after Heather “opened the door”.  Also, Heather picked up on details of Uma’s life, letting me know what Uma liked and what changes she would appreciate.  These details were highly accurate.  Heather helped me to make Uma’s life richer, for which I am grateful.

Donna & Uma

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Jen & Forest

Heather has been such a blessing for my family, especially my sweet boy Forest. She has helped is through emotional issues and physical issues with such compassion. From dealing with grief, skin issues, infections, to recovering after major surgery- my boy's quality of life has certainly improved. She intuitively knows what may be beneficial and she has tremendous knowledge of homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences,  etc….and conveys it all with tact and grace. I highly recommend you spend a few minutes talking with her and you will feel exactly what I mean! She can truly change your life in a matter of minutes. I am so grateful to her.

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Jan & Sia

Sia suddenly became fearful, withdrawn, anxious, and unable to be her usual happy, playful self. Fortunately, we were referred to Heather, who began remote Reiki therapy on Sia and within a very short amount of time Sia was back! That night Sia went back to sleeping on our bed again and she hadn’t done that in months! Heather is truly gifted with the divine ability to listen, understand, and treat animals through channels that are safe, natural, and non-invasive. Not to mention, without even being in physical proximity to the animal. She is remarkable!

She saved our beloved Sia from slipping further away and healed the trauma that we were unaware of. I highly recommend Heather for any, and all animal healing, and treatment.

White Kitten


Heather did an amazing job connecting with our one deceased and two living cats.  She was able to read their personalities and identify their preferences exactly, including favorite treats, toys, and places to perch!  She was also able to confirm a known health issue in our deceased cat and let us know how she has been doing.  We had some specific questions for each of our pets, and Heather   One of our cats likes to randomly bite, and after Heather connected with him, his biting has improved!  My husband and I were so impressed with her gift.  We highly recommend her and plan on contacting Heather again to check in with our cats in the future."   

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The Leader of the Pack.

Heather Elysium

Trained as a veterinary technician in allopathic medicine coupled with homeopathic medicine training, makes Heather a very balanced animal communicator. She can see things from a lot of different angles.